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Pink Shimmer Snap-Out Browband

Pink Shimmer Snap-Out Browband

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Check out our gorgeous Snap-Out Browband Collection for your Bridles! Designed with sparkling crystals in a variety of captivating colors, these browbands add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your tack! Don’t like all the dazzle? Don’t worry we have our elegant Classic Leather Browbands without the gems too. These Browbands Snap-Out almost instantly! You can even Snap-Out your browband while the bridle is on the horse. It’s that easy! With these interchangeable browbands you can match your riding outfit or tack easily. Maybe you’re going to a show then the next day a trail ride or Photoshoot. Quickly Snap-Out your Browband with no hassle or time. Choose from our wide collection below!

Also, BUY 3 Browbands Get 10% OFF!

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Pink Shimmer 

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Rosy Pink

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Whimsical White

Lavender Lasso

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Classic Leather 

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