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Belle has changed my life in more ways than you could imagine. From finding her at the sale, bringing her home, finding out she was pregnant then her giving birth to Esmeralda has been an adventure to say the least! Belle has gone through a lot, especially with her recent Equine Shivers diagnosis, but she has also brought us so much joy and happiness! She truly is a magnificent mare. In honor of Belle, we wanted to create something to celebrate and support her all in one. Which is why we are excited to announce our special “Blush For Belle” campaign. This Blush not only represents the beauty and glow of Belle but also the soft, nurturing side of her with a touch of femininity. She has amazed all of us and I know we have felt many emotions with Belle’s journey. All of you are supportive in every way, and this is just something creative, fun, and memorable that we wanted to do for Belle. Why not make light out of her situation and see her blossom into spring?! This blush is limited- edition, meaning once it sells out it’s gone! So don’t miss out. To celebrate YOU, the first 5 blushes sold come with an extra-large, rose blush brush that is absolutely gorgeous. Even if you don’t purchase, check out our beautiful Photoshoot pictures on the site! Belle is stunning. This was a really fun session I did with Belle and she was such a good girl! We also launched some other completely NEW items. Thanks again for coming along on this journey horse lovers. Your support is unparalleled. Thank you for caring about Belle.