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Floral Luxe-Riding Tights

Floral Luxe-Riding Tights

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Indulge in our gorgeous Floral Luxe Riding Tights. These sophisticated riding tights are designed with an athletic feel allowing for flexibility and give while in the saddle. These riding tights were crafted specifically for equestrians by an equestrian. The soft, breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort yet durability during your rides, allowing you to feel your best. Our Floral Luxe Riding Tights come in a deep black color offering the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. The full-seat design provides stability and grip, while the beautiful floral silicone pattern adds a touch of elegance. These tights are expertly crafted using lightweight and stretchy materials, ensuring fluidity for every movement and discipline. Whether you're training in the arena or hitting the trails, these tights will keep you stylish and comfortable throughout. Elevate your riding experience with our Floral Luxe Riding Tights and experience the perfect harmony of style and comfort with class. THESE RUN SHORTER IN THE XS & S SIZES.

 27% Spandex 73% Polyester MACHINE WASH COLD, TUMBLE DRY LOW

More Details ⬇️🐴 27% Spandex 73% Polyester

✨ Luxury Fit: Our Floral Luxe Riding Tights offer a flattering fit and highly flexible waistband that shapes to your gorgeous self! All while allowing movement, flexibility, with the utmost durability for the day in and day out. The material is flattering and offers full coverage (no see-through). 

💪 Runs true to waist size and runs smaller on length size. Adjustable to most rider's waist, but also petite friendly with the XS & S sizes. Material is stretchy and adapts to most rider’s height and waist size. 

💨 Breathable: Stay cool and dry during intense rides with the moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that effectively wicks away sweat, keeping you cool and comfortable during your rides.

🌸Perfectly Matched with Floral Faze and Daisy Lace Top! The gorgeous floral silicone pattern paired with the vibrant Floral Faze top is completely complimentary to your riding style.

💧 Stain Resistant: Designed to withstand ride after ride and chore after chore. The fabric ensures you won’t be let down after heavy use. The black fabric shields stains away keeping your look fresh and clean. Dirt and dust are easy to brush away too. 

🤳 Phone Pockets: Stay safe and selfie ready! Our Riding Tights have a perfect sized pockets on both sides to store your phone or treats for your mount!

☀️Best for Spring, Summer, & Fall Riding! These tights will keep you cool but also provide comfort for slightly cooler days as well. 

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