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Barn Bum -Hybrid Leggings

Barn Bum -Hybrid Leggings

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Are you a barn bum? Well, we got you covered! These grey toned Barn Bum Hybrid Leggings offer a new level of comfort and functionality. Crafted with the equestrian lifestyle in mind, these leggings offer the perfect blend of style and versatility. Whether you're spending time in the barn, doing chores, groundwork, riding, or even yard work these versatile leggings will keep you comfortable. They even have pockets for your phone! The soft and lightweight fabric ensures maximum breathability, while the flexible design allows for unrestricted movement. These leggings are great for anyone and are stretchy and flattering. Say goodbye to uncomfortable barn gear and hello to a new level of comfort with our Barn Bum Hybrid leggings.

80% Nylon 20% Spandex

More Details ⬇️🐴

💪 Lightweight Fit: Designed to flatten and smooth these leggings give you freedom of movement! It feels like you're wearing air! 

🐴 Versatile! These leggings are designed for everything! From barn chores, riding, gym, and yard work you can go your whole day without having to change.

⭐️ Runs true to size! You’ll absolutely love the fit. 

💨 Dry and Cool: Stay cool and dry during your barn time. The leggings work at keeping you cool and comfortable.

👚Perfectly Matched with ALL of our Tops!

🤳 Phone Pockets: Stay safe and selfie ready! Our Barn Bum Leggings have a perfect sized pocket on both sides to store your phone or treats for your horse!

☀️Great for All Spring/Summer! These leggings will keep you cool and are thinner.

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